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Services Provided for Commercial and Warehousing Properties

  • Advertising for leased space.
  • Maintain the leases and keep all spaces rented.
  • Interview with prospective tenants.
  • Obtain bids and have signed contracts for sub-contractors. This would include lawn, snowplow, garbage and other required services.
  • Miscellaneous minor repairs and maintenance items.
  • Pay all bills, including utilities, snowplowing, repairs, trash removal and any other required billings.
  • Collect all property rents and fees, including phone calls and letters. Delinquent accounts would be brought to the Board for discussion and continued collection instructions.
  • Prepare quarterly financial statements or as needed.
  • Attend any meetings if requested.
  • Assist in any tax filings or budget preparation.
  • On-site review and inspection for any actual construction or repair work by sub-contractors.
  • Manage other management issues that arise throughout the year, including tenant issues.
  • Conduct walk around property inspections as needed.
  • Send out notification letters to anyone violating the lease, listing the infraction and giving a time frame for resolution.
  • Will notify Owner(s) or Board members (if applicable) of infractions not resolved.